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January 19


Swiftracker for Retail helps Canon gain better insights into buyer profile and behavior directly at the point of sales

Singapore – 18 Jan 2017 – Inok Systems, the maker of next generation Enterprise Management Software today announced the availability of Swiftracker for Retail with Canon Asia ( as its first customer.

Canon is a leading provider of consumer, business-to-business and industrial digital imaging solutions.

Swiftracker for Retail is built on the same barcode scanning technology, mobile app and cloud platform as the original Swiftracker Asset Management System. The mobile app of the Retail edition is optimised for accurate and swift capturing of data on goods sold as well as the buyers’ profile. Captured data are ready for reporting in real time and accessible from anywhere on the Swiftracker cloud.

As Canon consumer products are sold through retail channels, collecting accurate point of sales data and buyer profile have always been challenging. “In this era of rapidly changing consumer tastes, it is critical for us to have first-hand insights into buyer profiles and behavior,” said Glendon Cheok, Senior Executive of Strategy and Retail Support Planning at Canon Asia. “The retail store where the actual buying transactions take place represents the best opportunity for us to capture these information.”

“We heard about Swiftracker from our colleagues at Canon Professional Services (CPS). They have had a lot of success using Swiftracker Asset Management to manage the service and repairs process as well as the equipment loans and returns. We are very happy that Swiftracker was able to release a Retail edition in a short time to meet our needs. Swiftracker for Retail is currently being piloted in 4 stores in Singapore and will be gradually rolled out to all 45 stores in Asia within the next 6 months.” added Glendon.

About Swiftracker

Swiftracker Enterprise Asset Management was first launched in June 2014 as a solution to overcome challenges associated with asset management in businesses. Barcode scanning can be done using commonly available mobile devices running iOS or Android. The system was also designed with an open and flexible framework allowing it to be extended in terms of features and capacity.

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