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June 27


Release 1.6.0

We are very excited about this release. Besides the usual bug fixes and some small enhancements, we have made a major improvement in our system architecture. Our disaster recovery, system availability and scalability capabilities have been improved significantly. We will now also have ability to do more of our upgrades without downtime to our customers.

Other enhancements include:

1. Previously during reservation step 2, if you happen to have most of your assets loaned or reserved during your desire date range, it can be tedious to scroll through the list to find available assets. We have now added a “Show only Available Assets” checkbox so you get to see only assets that are available for reservation.

2. In the previous release we introduced ability to bulk add items during checkout. In this release we add bulk add items into reservations as well. What this means is that you now have the ability scan multiple serial numbers or asset tags of multiple items and add them into the reservation cart in one step.

3. In the Alerts module, we have added ability to select the User who processed the checkout (aka Checkout User) as a recipient for alert messages.

We have fixed a number of issues related to imports of assets and other objects. As usual if you have open tickets with support and they have been fixed, you will be informed. Thanks for your support and we’ll keep improving!

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