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May 31


Release 1.5.0

In this release, we have made following enhancements:

1. We have launched our help site at . As a start, we have recorded video tutorials for the key modules of Swiftracker. We have also added contextual help links at each of the modules within the app so that users can jump straight to the relevant video.

2. Much improved user interface for swapping and adding items during checkout process

3. Standardized the way of displaying errors and notifications within the app. If you still find inconsistencies, please report them.

4. We have added a new color code (Blue cross) for overdue items on the reservation calendar (Step 2 of Create Reservations)

5. We now display the asset count in the asset tree at Step 2 of Create Reservations

Some of the major issues we have fixed include :

1. Enforce checking to not allow immediate “Reservation and checkout” if start date of reservation is not today

2. Take care of all scenarios when user is deleting objects like asset types, users, customers etc

3. Access rules not being enforced for some roles

4. Issues in audit modules with duplicate matches and mismatched totals

We have not listed all the issues resolved in this release but if you have open tickets with support and they have been fixed, you will be informed
Thanks for your support and we’ll keep improving!

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