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November 28


Release 0.4.0

We are pleased to announce the  release of v0.4.0.

Besides bug fixes, users will find the following new features :

1. Purchase Order module
    – Ability to create master items
    – Ability to create vendors
    – Ability to create payment terms
    – create purchase orders
    – print single/multiple purchase orders with your customised logo
    – receive order items in full or in part into unassigned items
    – promote unassigned items into assets

2. Alerts
   – create email alerts on any date/time fields in assets, reservations and checkouts
   – multiple criteria condtions may be set for each alert

3. Assets Record Export
  – csv export all assets or pick the asset categories

4. Bulk Edit
  – It is now possible to make same edit on multiple asset records instead of one at a time

5. Options for Administrators when deleting asset status
  – when removing status, system will give Adminstrator the option to reassign affected assets  to new status or remain at same status

6. Creating relationships between assets
  – you can now create relate assets in ways meaningful to you eg. Asset X is installed on asset Y
  – relations can be directional so Asset Y is installed with Asset X

As usual we are happy to hear from you !


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